Web Designer & Developer

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As a Web Designer/developer I have managed, designed, created the content for several not-for-profit and mainstream businesses.

As a web designer/developer I have years of experience of working in a front end development team coding (X)HTML/CSS websites and also on back-end web systems as-well.

  • I have strong knowledge of using Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks or Illustrator,
  • I Have strong experience with CSS2, CSS3, XHTML and HTML5 coding and other web languages.
  • I have developed cross-browser and cross-platform compatible solutions.
  • I have acquired In depth knowledge of current coding techniques and best practices.
  • I have good experience with using a PC on a Microsoft Vista/Windows 7 OS platform.
  • I have acquired good understanding of website information architecture to create a website.
  • I have strong knowledge and experience of SEO and web accessibility skills.
  • I have good communication skills, which are essential for liaising closely with customers and colleagues at the design stage and throughout a project.
  • I have ability to use initiative and work under pressure to achieve tight deadlines.
  • I am organised with attention to detail.

For example, Gowrie Victoria

I have managed the content of the Gowrie Victoria’s vocational education and training, professional development, grandfathering websites from the entire internet presence, to timely data back-up, testing and continuous improvement.

I did feasibility studies for my projects; I determined therefore the requirements for the internet system and also carried out the technical aspects of developing, operating and updating the organization’s internet presence.

My responsibilities included:

Web Site Content

Maintains GT’s Web sites by (a) posting new content in a timely manner and moving dated content to archival files, and (b) teaching volunteers and staff how to upload and manage content; how to teach students online etc.
Encourages usage of the Web site by value-enhancement: creating or seeking out appropriate content; developing customized Web pages;
Makes recommendations for improvements to Web sites to senior management, e-Communities, e-Space, Collaboration applications
Assists with type, scan, or import and edit text for the web site.
Identify and maintain links to other sources of relevant information available on the Internet.
Research web development to identify, evaluate, and implement Internet technologies on the web site
Coordinates with the web site hosting company to maintain high availability, sufficient disk space, and necessary technologies for the web site.
Assists in the development and maintenance of social networking and collaboration tools for the organisation’s library and information community, including but not limited to e-Communities and other information-sharing and community-building functions (listservs, discussion forums, wikis, blogs, document archives);

Information Technology

Assists the Membership Department, the Communications Department in implementing applications involving the membership database and the Internet: e-voting, e-registration, e-renewal, e-orders – creating member profiles (students, trainers, administrators), providing appropriate level of security, assisting with developing online courses etc.
Assists the Manager, CEO in office productivity enhancements: identifies IT tools (hardware, software) that might benefit office efficiency; works with other staff on acquisition, installation and training issues;
Maintains the Association’s Information Technology system, including the safety and security of all electronic data. This includes:

  • Ensuring there is an adequate system for backing up data files on a daily basis, including off-site storage;
  • Ensuring there are sufficient plans, access to data and equipment should the Organisation’s office site be unavailable for more than a day;
  • Teaching all staff how they can access the network, online learning management system (LMS) website and their e-mail from off-site.


Maintains the necessary contacts to keep abreast of emerging issues of significance to the operations of the organisation’s Web presence and information technology infrastructure;
Performs such other duties as are prescribed from time to time by the management.
Therefore I have demonstrated my web master skills by acquiring:

  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English;
  • Excellent Web design skills and ability to learn, and a natural facility for working with information technology;
  • Knowledge of office productivity, social networking, collaboration and database tools and the ability to implement them and to teach other staff;
  • The capacity to work in a self-directed manner and demonstrated ability to work well within a team environment;
  • The ability to organize/prioritize a multi-task workload, and to seek appropriate advice or take appropriate initiative;
  • Strong interpersonal skills, especially in working with staff colleagues;

Do you want to learn web designing? I can help…

Here is a list of possible technical skills you might learn during this certificate course. Look at the list and try to figure out which skills you already know. Then, pick out three or so that you would like to learn.

Please don’t worry about which certificate level: known as group you are starting out in; this is just a list of possibilities. Also, these skills are not necessarily in order: you might be very good at some of the skills in certificate group 3 but not know the skills in certificate group 2.

If you have some more skills to add to these groups, send me an e-mail! You might want to print out this page and check off the skills you will learn from the certificate course.

Webmaster Skills Group Certificate Level – 1

  • Use a Web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer to view World Wide Web sites
  • Use an e-mail program to send and receive an e-mail
  • Plan what you would have on a Web page (you don’t have to do the codes yet). What makes a Web page good? Bad? Boring?
  • Practice using a word-processing program such as Microsoft Word, ClarisWorks, WordPerfect, etc. Learn how to save documents so you can find them again.

Webmaster Skills Group Certificate Level – 2

  • Use a search engine like Google, Yahoo! or Alta Vista to research a topic on the Web
  • Study some of the advanced features of your Web browser. Use the “View / Document Source” command to look at the HTML codes of a Web page. (First pull down the VIEW menu at the top of your screen. Then, choose the Document Source command).
  • Bookmark some Web pages you like. Learn to add, delete and rearrange the bookmarks.
  • Send an e-mail attachment to somebody
  • Download something from the Web: a game, software, graphic, etc.

Webmaster Skills Group Certificate Level – 3

  • Use basic HTML codes to create a text Web page
  • Enter a chatroom on the Internet
  • Join a newsgroup over the Internet
  • Explore the advanced features of your e-mail program. How can you… create an address book? Send an e-mail to several people at the same time?
  • Experiment with an HTML software program such as Dreamweaver, HoTMetaL, PageMill, SHE,

Webmaster Skills Group Certificate Level – 4

  • Add graphics to a Web page
  • Understanding multimedia requirements for a Web Page
  • Add links to a Web page
  • Use Adobe Acrobat software to create or view a PDF page

Webmaster Skills Group Certificate Level – 5

  • Learn to use a scanner, and explore the differences in resolution of a graphic
  • Add a counter or other CGI script to your Web page
  • Use FTP software such as Fetch or WSftp to post a Web page to a server
  • Learn to create your own Web graphics in a paint, drawing or photo program
  • Learn to create tables for a Web page

Webmaster Skills Group Certificate Level – 6

  • Create an image map for a Web page
  • Add animation to a Web page
  • Learn to use frames on a Web page

Webmaster Skills Group Certificate Level – 7

  • Add sound effects to a Web page
  • Learn to create CGI scripts for a Web page
  • Add video to a Web page

Webmaster Skills Group Certificate Levels – 8 to 10

  • Learn advanced web designing concepts and softwares
  • Learn advanced level programming like Java or PERL
  • Advanced level knowledge in creating database for a website
  • Database connectivity
  • Troubleshooting website problems
  • Website Administrator responsibilities
  • Advanced skills for Social Media Expert (SME)
  • UI Architect
  • How to be an advanced level Graphics Designer
  • Understanding and proper use of Adobe Flash
  • How to be an advanced SEO Professional
  • Web Copywriting


You can study these certificate courses online or in face to face classes.

  • In the end of the course you would be:
  • Capable of the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of customer web sites.
  • Assist in coordination of web projects and provide guidance to web development team members.
  • Responsible for coordination of all division web projects.
  • Responsible for accepting design and content of official site web projects.
  • Provide oversight of hardware activities related to site webs, and web related issues.
  • Coordinate research, testing, and implementation of new web techniques.
  • Devise solutions for solving customer problems using customer-furnished computer systems and equipment or commercial off the shelf packages.
  • Act as technical expert.
  • Design and build web pages using a variety of graphic software applications, and tools.
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