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Sukh is my nice friend of IET Bhaddal we were together for almost 2 years and now its so many years i knew him well Sukh is very honest about his opinions and never care of anything whatever happens he will take stand against all evils and bad things another interesting thing in him is that he believe he can change the society because he thinks we are society that’s a very good thing in him.. well but he is funny sometimes, sometimes very serious, sometimes u see him very alone even with all, lost don’t know where he he but he is really a cute guy very adorable he call me aanchuu and i call him sukhi he is so smart, handsome and cute that any girl would love to die for him Sukhi i really miss u yaar all those days were really wonderful hey u remember the college canteen and that garden and your show wow vo bhi din the well sukhi its really great that u sent me the invitation otherwise was totally unaware from this wonderful site but well that’s you always do i still remember all the college call u HELPLINE!


Sometimes people come into your life and you right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or to help you figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who those people may be – a roommate, a neighbor, a professor, a friend, a lover, or even a complete stranger – but when you lock eyes with them, you know that very moment they will affect your life in some profound way. Sukh sir made us think he forced us look at the world through the eyes of the people involved. Think about the best teacher you ever had. It’s an uncommon pleasure to remember someone who believed in you before you were sure you were worth believing in, that’s what my feelings are for you most importantly you taught us to make the right choices and do the right thing.


It is always difficult to describe simple things. Try describing God or Love: you can write page and epics, but still we are asking same questions. Wht is love and God? Anyway, now that I have decided to write testimonial I must describe him. Sukh real means happiness the time he spends with u means somehow a life he spends with u; I met with him online some years ago in B&B FanClub he was a member of become friends and then best buddies online and offline Sukh understands emotions better than Shakespeare, care about you better than your family member he is deep rooted Indian, true human, loves his family above anything else and can do anything for his family if im not wrong Sukh’s presence is warm and right here keeping me company even in canada.
Missing you very much on B&B Forums as you were a regular visitor to that website and now a days you are also not coming in BigADDA or NSC Sites but can understand and wish you all the best with a happy married life and hope to see you soon on the websites 🙂


“Friends are like movies; some are comedy, some tragedy, some romantic, some adventurous.. but only a few, like you, are Oscar- winning!!”
But the first time I saw him I got the impression of a really proudy person busy in himself the kind of person I don’t fit in with… But now that I know him , I’m proud to call him my friend. He’s very sweet and always there to help… He’s a gem of a person I can share all my feelings with… Because almost all of my feelings match with him!!

He gets easily hurt and I hate it when anyone hurts him. So don’t even dare! A very lovey-dovey personality, not so good in hiding his feelings and I’m always able to catch what’s going on in his mind. He’s not what he seems from the know him well you need to understand him deepest feelings which are buried in one of the softest corners of his pure heart.
Thank you for being my friend 🙂


Heartthrob of a million girls n guys. Yes people u heard me right
Sukhi was among the first to meet him here in MM college FATEHABAD when I met him on the first day I understood that person is a gem
A Sweet innocent child at heart is sukhi
Sukhi is a my best friend and a person with a golden heart, am one of his biggest fan and love the way he acts at dramas, plays and government functions.
one of my best pals.. .very humorous guy. Such a popular kewl guy ….gals/ guys/ teachers seniors juniors like him a lot
He is funny, full of life, fabulous, fantastic, and cool His overwhelming confidence and attitude is most adorable of all and his helping nature is just beyond words.
Really love all his stories that he has to say and trust me this guy can speak on any topic under the sun and it will be pure fact and analysis.
Has a big box full of books which he loves reading and has great retention of whatever he has read.
Thanks for your FRIENDSHIP pal


This a long overdue testimonial from a lethargic friend who should have moved his *** to write a few lines for the beautiful heart called Sukh S Sandhu (SSS)…
I have known Sukh for quite a long time now and although at times we do forget to remind each other of our existence, in our hearts we know that we share a friendship that will last till eternity…
Sukh is really cool guy who is very spontaneous, down to earth, knowledgeable, articulate, openminded, uncomplicated and what not? If I can open my dictionary, I would probably end up selecting ‘n-th’ words for this super cool friend of mine. You can talk to this fellow for hours and hours till the time you realize that you have forgotten to go for a meeting you had with somebody. He is an addiction.
And although we have never met each other, we still look up to the day when we will finally meet. Love you bro! Look forward to meeting you someday soon.

Arun Bagga

Great man…. does understand someone’s feeling generous soul rabb hamesha khush rakhe mere beere nu… rabb rakha tc


Symbol of friendship and love is Sukhjinder


Well ….Ram Ram to Sukh….An amazing personality, an intelligent person and a friend who always ready to help Everyone ..And yeh ( Specially 4 Me )…I Hope In Future will be able To do business together with such a wide knowledge personality…. I am always be there for you anytime…anywhere
So Tc and cheers…. !!!


Hi Laddi Paaji,
Thanks 4 giving me a chance to be a part of your testimonials’ list. I believe there’s no need to explain why the nurse came out yelling —>”its a dude!” when Mr. Sandhi was born.
His profile best explains him…
6’2″ yet so cute & soft hearted unbelievable na? You are wrong… Miracles do happen sometimes… I think he always keeps chewing sugar or saccharine that’s why he is able to talk cho chweeeeeeetly .
Sukhjinder is just like my elder bro… I’ve always seen the same brotherly love in his eyes… The way he loves his younger… Mr. Raminder(Deepak)…
So this tech savvy is rocking Australia huh… Keep it up buddy… Show all the world the power of Indian Brain…
At last, one thing I can’t dare to forget, this sweet bro of mine respects my mom & dad so much… frankly speaking I have never respected any of my teachers so much….
Thanks for being there buddy… Low disk space… Chakk de fatte prawa!!

Mr. Chopra

What to say about this Sukh? We are in touch I think almost from his 12th birthday when he invited complete the class for party at home and his parents are and were so cooperative always!
No words can describe who he really is…
Dreamer, eccentric, eclectic, loony, serious, funny, child, mature, lovely, attractive the words go on with no end in sight.
But he is one of my best friend, understanding but in a weird sense of the word.
A very good human being I must admit. I wish that our friendship lasts for our entire lifetime (Subject to several conditions not appropriate to be discussed here.) I really love this guy in a non-homosexual sense… A wonder in itself…
I was immediately impressed by this extrovert hunk. He has always been extremely helpful be it college or ragging or adds. He is a guy you can always count upon to be there for you unconditionally. I and he share many Interests & I hope you always be successful and stay as one of my best friends!


Thank you for being such a wonderful friend

Dolan Champa

We know each other from the last 15 years i think and he was my classmate in 3rd/4th standards we met at 10+1 also when he came to my city for medical exam preparation (PMT) he is so lovely guy so smart so friendly and so funny…
I Still remember the best time in my life was with Sukh he was like my best friend, always ready to listen always ready to understand always ready to help I am really thankful to God to have a friend like you Sukh and you know the best thing about you.
I have not seen a person truthful like you… Still sometimes i remember all those little-2 things when u always tried to protect and save truth
Love you buddy and always take care of yourself Stay in touch
your pal


Sukhjinder? I can go blah blah about this guy. He’s very friendly, open-hearted and caring. He’s the one who never hurts anyone He likes to give respect. In total, he’s a smart guy! And I’m proud to be one of his friends.


Let me introduce you all with my best friend greatest, loving big brother Mr. Sukh. He is so hard worker and loving person for all. He is straight to all. He is one of the great brothers and I will pray to God he always get whatever he desire in life. And I know with his hard work he will achieve that.
Deepak is lucky he got such a wonderful brother and remains mine also.
Love you brother and live life “KHULKE” in future also.

Manoj CA

Very popular as Laddi.. Well he is BIG B for me. Dude don’t get confused. He is not Amitabh Bachchan for me. Big B is big brother, means elder brother. He really treats me as his younger brother. He is very cool guy. I know him from past 10 years but I have never seen him losing his temper. Apart from that he is smart and handsome guy who really has dreams to kiss the heights. My best wishes are always with him.


He’s gonna be so maddddddddddddd so uncomfortable whilst he reads this…
Which gonna makes all my hard work meaningful & advisable! He’s my best pal who means he’s someone I love totally completely and without conditions! We were together in GREY MATTERS he’s very caring and he’s always there for u even at the cost of his own work! He has a mammoth competence for friendliness and he can do whatever thing for his friends!
He’s an important person who doesn’t judge his friends and stands by them. He’s one of the sweetest guys ever though he’ll hate me calling him that! He’s also amazingly innocent though he thinks he’s the smartest thing to ever walk the earth! he he…
He’s damn impatient and has a huge passion for life!
He’s dedicated and talented. He’s kinda sensitive and he’ll never admit it. He’s the one I’ve had the most fun with and I miss him terribly!


A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself that’s what you are Sukh a wonderful friend of mine. I remember how much i have shared with you how many times you’ve advised me or asked me for suggestions and tried to be real you. Very few people have the courage to be show this world your inner soul bec‘ very few really try to be themselves A friend is wort more than a thousand of family members but if he is real and years of experience says you are a wonderful friend of mine, stay the same.


Your eyes speak language of your heart Sukh. You are really my best friend.
as your all friends have written beautiful lines
Some words from your friend Simi


Sukhjinder smart, handsome… hamara tu in say koi moqabala hi nahin hay khobsoorati main… and i love his hair style..a simple n beauty person i remeber when i was 6 years old. Sulchji usuely came to my place to fly kite… at that time he was very much naughty… jab bhi main patang urata Sukhjinder ji hamari door ko toor detay thy… or main roota rehta tha…but he is soo loving caring… I wonder when I found him here… and he quickly recognized me at 1st time…. wah ji wah kya baat hay… in ki yaadasht ko hamara salaaarn… Sukhjinder sahab kay baray main jitna bhi likhoo kaam hay baray mahan insaan halm.. or ab woo hamary teacher bhi hai… tu main in ki dil say bohat izzat karta boon jeetay rahaiyeaa


I know this guy from last 6 years now. We met in Delhi and were studying in Webcom Technologies. This guy has some special powers in him which makes him different. I can understand a person very soon how he is but with Sukhi it’s all different and it took me long time to understand him. His personality is totally different from common guys because he have a power to speak truth in float of any body and doesn‘t care about consequences after that, When we met first time I thought this guy is crazy but i was wrong about him his courage is outstanding. Today I am proud to be his best friend. He is lovely guy and want to do something for the society which is really good thing because we are so busy with our lives that we don’t even think towards that, This guy has spirit to make any impossible thing possible and is very down to earth person. BEST OF LUCK FOR FUTURE ….

Sorabh Dhandha

Well what to say about him he is a friend philosopher guide n a mentor to me… although I’ve never met him personally but still he is one person on whom i can trust keeping my eyes wide shut. Quite polite n supportive by nature Sukh is like a big bro to me… All I know is whenever I need him he will be there to support me… Thanks Sukhi for being such a lovely n supportive friend of mine!!!!!


I don’t know much about you but I definitely like to know because you are a person with whom I find a few similarities with myself. May be its because I’m a Libran too but still, I don’t know why I think your friendship can last long. Keep smiling.


Hey people out there reading my kid B’s profile

I know I’m a little late to write this, and the reason I could not find any appropriate words to describe him, and today also I don’t have the words I want to write for him, but let me try

He is a person; who can make all funny faces and dance all around u, to make u smile when you’re sad, and still if u don’t, he can slap you to make u cry and then pamper u till u burst into laughter.

As a friend I never found such a person in my life. It How can a human be so straight forward, down to earth. matured. Emotional, highly understanding. humorous, and so practical…? Sometimes I wish I could be like him in some aspects. Keep it up, and help your friends more and more. Please remain like this forever. Best wishes forever. Jiyo yaar jiyo, hamari bhi umra tumhe lag jaye God Bless You my Bro…!!


Sandhu Saab… Inki kya baat hai
Waah ustad wah… arey huzoor waah sandhu boliye
I know this person from last 1 and half years. I still remember we were in the same flight when we were coming to Australia… He is a nice chap… good in studies.. good in Shayri.. good in everything… We stayed together for few months too.
Sandhu saab do you remember whenever I got drunk I insisted you every time for dance and you never say no. I like this attitude bro… aur maine apki shayri bhi bohot suni hai… “Maa tooh Bhagwaan hoti hai…” remember? I love it.
You advised me so many times to quit smoking and drinking. I like this. I don’t have many friends who advised me so much.. You’re so caring man… Hope you don’t mind my talkings.
Love you.


Hi Vir ji,
You are just too cool and incredible. God gave you lovely nature. You are very soft hearted person. You’ve grown up but there is a little cute kid hidden somewhere inside you which makes you innocent and naughty. You’re so sensitive, touchy and really care about people. Though you’re a kind of reserved nature person rather than you mix up with people so quickly but only with the person you like… There are heaps of qualities in you. You are very good poet and emotional writer as well. You write from the deep line of your heart. You wrote sensational poems and stories with your great imagination power, which are out of this world. There is lots and lots of you to write about you but my words have been finished. May God give you success in your life….


One of those very few friends I had in college! Very hard working. A friend in the true sense who walked in when the rest of the world walked out…
I am glad we became friends.


Hi What should I write about you Veer ji… You’re transparent anyone can read you easily and our bond is still going strong.
Veer ji has the knack of keeping things organised and systematic and in working condition. A great quality to have and rare to find in guys these days. I’m sure that Veer ji will have a brilliant career ahead… and I would like to wish Veer ji the very best for his professional as well as personal life.
All the best Veer Ji
From your brother


Hi… All of you know this guy … Kya bolen? He is a very nice person. Extremely patient and very polite. I don’t know how he manage to be like this type of fast life… a true devotional and hard working. He is a person which can be trusted deeply… A very good friend of mine… He is the real happening friend. God bless him with all the love and stability in life…!!!

V S Thakur

That dude who cares for others without being noticing that whether the person he is caring is known or not, but he only believes in doing his job without any greed of appreciation. Hats off to him.


Sukhi is a most adorable, interesting & full of attitude & attitude. What can I say more than this? Hey Sukhi I admire you most. Thanks for being my friend.


One of my best friend. I met him in Australia and he is very funny, friendly and a good person. Above all he is down to earth person who cares for everyone.
Love you Sukhi.

Zubair Ahmed

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